Do you want to feel safe at the dentist?

This is the place to be!

Full clinical examinations every year
Two x-rays every two years for diagnosis of new or secondary decay
Prescription antibiotics when necessary
Up to 20% discount on most other treatments
Oral cancer screening
Simple scale and polish, assessment of gum health, oral hygien, instruction and dietary advise every year
Simple scale and polish, assessment of gum health, oral hygien, instruction and dietary advise every year


We have installed Radic8 air purifiers in the surgeries and at reception. These amazing bits of kit have a series of Hepa filters which filter out the usual pollutants such as dust, pollen etc. Then the air passes through an ultraviolet chamber which kills viruses and bacteria including coronavirus. The air in each room is constantly being purified, on average the whole room in less than 5 minutes.


There is extra-oral suction in each surgery. It is used, in addition to the normal suction in the mouth, when the “drill” or “scaler” is operated. It is used to capture any possible aerosols escaping the mouth during these treatments. Cool!

Particle Monitor

The particle monitor is used to check the air before and after your treatment. So far we have found that, with the above safety measures, there are fewer particles of all sizes after an aerosol generating procedure (scaling and drilling) than before. Radical!

Our Response

As highly ethical professionals we take our responsibilities very seriously regarding this pandemic.

Edwina is a member of the Pandora Group of private dentists (about 165 practices) which was established in March 2020 to establish an evidence-based evaluation of the available literature regarding Covid-19 and appropriate measures taken, and to conduct individualised risk assessments in accordance with the recommendations of the FGDP and other bodies including PHE, NHS England, CDO Statements etc. New Standard Operating Procedures have been drawn up and are adapted when appropriate. We have in place processes to continually re-evaluate the risk e.g. the AGP air-monitoring project, team monitoring, continued staff training via team discussions and data collection of local incidence of Covid-19 etc. We are balancing the need for a super-safe practice environment with the clear and urgent clinical needs of our patients.

We have some new items in place to ensure your safety, and we wear the appropriate PPE for dental procedures performed.

When you contact to make an appointment you will be asked some questions and given current information. This is for the safety of yourself, all our patients and staff.

Your visit will be different than pre-Covid-19 as we initiate approved protocols and procedures.