Contact Us

Most of our patients prefer to contact us by visiting the practice or by telephone. You may also e-mail us on or


General Patients

Call 111 to access NHS Out Of Hours Dental Care

Practice Plan Patients

OurPractice Plan patients may call 0300 303 5061 or 0808 169 8117


Your feedback is very important to us – we have used it to shape the service we provide, including our working times!

Concerns or complaints may be raised with Charles, our Practice Manager, or you can pick up a copy of the procedure from Reception.

Notify Us

There are certain things we always need to know, so please notify us if:

  • You change your address, home phone or mobile number
  • You have any new medicines prescribed, or diagnosis made, by your doctor
  • Or, if you have any concerns about your care plan or treatments.